Artist Statement

 I paint narratives of intense social dramas within the concept of personal relationships.

My fascination with this topic and it's ambiguous nature, have focused my research towards the disruption we are today facing around issues of care. 

 Drawing inspiration from my experience as a woman and daughter, I ask how can the narratives that emerge in my work stimulate conversations around ethics, making commentary, at times, to the woman's role in Family, Society, and in the eyes of men. 

 To make sense of complex emotions related to memory, emotions are posed in association with scenes that at first sight seem one-sided, but in a deeper look reveal dual meanings. Dualism, as the concept that reality consists of two opposed and irreducible principles that account for all that exists, constitutes a recurring theme by which I structure my practice. I use the color palette to immerse the audience in the energy of the emotion depicted, but re-direct the title in order to allow conversations to arise and remain open to various meanings. I prefer to paint in medium to big scale, calling upon the viewer to experience these meanings himself. 


 But, this process starts with the drawing, where complex emotions we are familiar with or know about, are merged into figurative creatures with no identity. Focusing on gesture and posture these figures evoke a different state of being, where a filtered version of reality is revealed - one of decaying humanity that breaths pain between the pleasures of being. 


 By exploring one subject with it's opposite I am able to establish connections between enigmatic emotions surrounding life making sense of them through picture.